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Walking in Tuscany

Il Santuario di Santa Maria del Soccorso - panoramio (1)

N L         E N G          I T        

Il Santuario di Santa Maria del Soccorso a Montalcino [1]


Toscana | Galleria di immagini  
Walking around Montalcino through the famous Brunello vineyards

Itinerary in the great scenery of Brunello vineyards in the Val d’Orcia around Montalcino. It's all very green and although the track is quite steep, it's easy to walk on.

And a visit to Montalcino, capital of Brunello di Montalcino, is a must.



Itinerary through forests and past famous e vineyards around Montalcino


This itinerary starts at the Chiesa della Madonna del Soccorso, or on Parcheggio Viale Strozzi, on Via Pietra Strozzi (nearby the church).
You walk along dirt roads, through vineyards and woodlands to the simple beauty of the small Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie.
Main sights are the Chiesa della Madonna del Soccorso, the Duomo (Cattedrale del Santissimo Salvatore), Parrocchia Di S. Egidio Abate en Piazza del Popolo, Chiesa di San Pietro, Porta Burelli and a handfull of wineries. Your walk finishes at the very impressive Fortezza di Montalcino.

You can visit the beautiful historic center of Montalcino before or after your walk, or enjoy exclusive wine tours and tasting experiences in the valleys below.


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Total length: 8,61 km
Total climb     344 m
Total descent    363 m

The terroir of Brunello di Montalcino is a mosaic characterized by distinctive and differentiating locations, altitudes and soil composition. Vineyards planted on the northern slopes ripen more slowly and tend to produce wines that are racier and more aromatic. The Northwest of Montalcino is heavily forested with cool temperatures, and has clay, sandstone and schist soils.

You are in the midst of some great wineries: Padelletti, Salvioni, Silvio Nardi, with a winery established in the 50’s, and Castiglion del Bosco are all nearby. Or check out Castello Romitorio, owned by famous Transavanguardia artist Sandro Chia, who spent years carefully restoring the property after acquiring it in 1984, and, after hiring Italy's top oenologist, Carlo Ferrini, started the production of prestigious wines.

In the heart of the city you can find some pleasant enoteca or wineries. The wine estates outside the city are also easy to visit and organize tastings and tours of the domain. Plan your visit to one of these great Brunello wineries in advance. It’s appropriate to make reservations for a tasting or a tour at most wineries, so contact them a few days in advance.

Anyway, you walk through the vineyards of Il Poggiolo and Il Palazzone, and a winetasting tour on both wineries could be a good idea.


Montalcino Porta Burelli
Porta Burelli


Map of the Brunello di Montalcino region | Member companies of the DOCG Brunello di Montalcino


Fortezza di montalcino 06 portaFortezza di Montalcino, Porta al Cassero

Il Poggiolo Rodolfo Cosimi

In 1975 Il Poggiolo produced fis first Brunello di Montalcino for the first time, and in 1985 Rodolfo Cosimi I created the first “Brunello Cru” wine, named “Il Sassello”.

Il Poggiolo Rodolfo Cosimi
Podere Sasso al Vento, Località Sasso al Vento, 262, 53024 Montalcino
chiamare il +39.348.3411848 o +39.327.4767170

Il Palazzone

Il Palazzone
Loc. Le Due Porte, 245, 53024, Montalcino
+39 0577 846142

Santa Maria delle Grazie, outside Porta Burelli, Montalcino        

Santa Maria delle Grazie, outside Porta Burelli, Montalcino



Other wineries on the western slopes of Montalcino.

Tenute Silvio Nardi

In 1950 when Silvio Nardi purchased Casale del Bosco, in the north-west of the Brunello zone. Further expansion came by adding the Manachiara estate and other properties.

Casale del Bosco - 53024 Montalcino
Tel. +39 0577 808269

Wines: Brunello di Montalcino Vigneto Manachiara DOCG, Brunello di Montalcino Vigneto Poggio Doria DOCG, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG and Rosso di Montalcino DOC.

Castiglion del Bosco

Castiglion del Bosco, where Pietro Lorenzetti has painted a fresco Annunciazione dei Santi in the Church of San Michele in Castiglion del Bosco's Il Borgo. It was rediscovered in 1876. In 1967 Castiglion del Bosco became one of the founding members of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino.

Castiglion del Bosco
Loc. Castiglion Del Bosco, 53024, Montalcino
00 39 0577 191 300


A map with some of the most particular wineries on the western and southern slopes of Montalcino can be found here.

Walking in the Val d'Orcia




Montalcino, Panorama   Montalcino vineyard - panoramio   Brunello di Montalcino vineyards



  Brunello di Montalcino vineyards, Montalcino  

Some of the most particular estates of the Brunello di Montalcino territory


Palazzo dei Priori a Montalcino   Palazzo dei Priori a Montalcino, torre   Palazzo dei Priori Montalcino 2

Palazzo dei Priori a Montalcino


  Palazzo dei Priori a Montalcino, torre   Palazzo dei Priori, torre

[1] Photo by trolvag, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unportedl license.


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#ilpalazzone We produced just 50 Double Magnums of 2013 Brunello. The bigger formats are hand-labeled, numbered and hand-bottled. Here’s an anxiety-inducing speeded up video of the final application of sealing wax. I love the bigger bottles; increased cellarability, the thrill of exclusivity and a promise of a future celebration. No one opens a Magnum by mistake and their very presence on a dinner table cranks up the special factor of any occasion.



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Case vacanza in Toscana | Podere Santa Pia

Colline sotto Podere Santa Pia

Podere Santa Pia


  Podere Santa Pia  
Colline sotto Podere Santa Pia
Monte Amiata, vista da San Giovanni d'Asso, bellissimo panorama 


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