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Crete Senesi

Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore

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Walking in Tuscany

Duomo di Sovana, Sovana, GR, Tuscany, Italy - panoramio (2).jpg

I T         E N G

Sovana, Duomo. Walking from Sovana, to San Rocco and Sorano, through the vie cave [1]

Toscana | Galleria di immagini  

Sovana | From Sovana to San Rocco and Sorano, through the via cava di San Rocco


Beautiful itinerary from Sovana to San Rocco and Sorano, through the via cava di San Rocco. The vie cave are sunken roads or narrow paths that the Etruscans cut into the tufa or soft stone. Although there use is shrouded in mystery they remain a powerful reminder of the area’s impressive Etruscan heritage.

This itinerary starts at Sovana.


Starting Point Sovana Parcheggio

Length: 13.40 km
Height difference: 439 m




Sovana is a small town with an intriguing Romanesque Cathedral. A stone’s throw from the most impressive Etruscan necropolis in Tuscany. Here we can visit the fascinating Tomba del Sileno as well as the unique Tomba Ildebranda in the necropolis del Poggio Felceto.
The via del Pretorio runs from the ruins of the fortress, the Rocca Aldobrandesca, to the Cathedral.


We follow the street on the left of Il Palazetto, the via Rodolfo Siviero, and after a brief visit to the Duomo, one of the finest Romanesque buildings in southern Tuscany, we return along the via del Duomo to the central piazza. The family-run La Tavernetta is a good choice for lunch.

Then we walk towards Sorano. The route starts on the right side of the fortress. We walk on an asphalt road for about 2 kilometers, before turning left, immersing ourselves in the fascinating Etruscan landscape.



Sovana, rocca aldobrandesca 06
Rocca Aldobrandesca, we walk down on the right of the fortress

After 9 km we reach the Etruscan necropolis of San Rocco with on the right, uphill, some incredible panoramic views of the town Sorano. The via cava di San Rocco is named after a small church at the top of the plateau. Near the entrance, on the left side of the church, we walk down to the river Lente, following the Via Cava of San Rocco, one of the most impressive sunken roads in the region. Along the route, it is possible to admire a series of large rooms excavated in the tuff, which until a few years ago were used as stables and agricultural outbuildings, called by locals 'the caves of San Giglio'.

Shortly after we crossed the Lente river on a beautiful medieval bridge, we turn right and follow the path climbing to the Porta dei Merli were we enter Sorano.



Ancora un mistero

The Via Cava


Sorano - Porta dei Merli - wide   Sorano altstadt   Piazzale del Masso Leopoldino - Sorano

Sorano, Porta dei Merli



Piazza della chiesa



Piazzale a ridosso della Torre dell'Orologio


Album Sovana

Sovana, from the Etruscans to the Middle Ages


Sovana, rocca aldobrandesca 06   Sovana, chiesa di s. maria maggiore, ext. 01   Sovana, palazzetto dell'archivio 03

Rocca Aldobrandesca



Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore



Palazzetto dell'Archivio


Duomo di sovana, ext. 01   Duomo di Sovana - esterno lato destro   Duomo di Sovana - interno






Tomba Ildebranda, Sovana   Tomba Ildebrandia  

Tomba Ildebranda, Sovana



Tomba Ildebranda, Sovana



Tomba dei Demoni Alati


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La Maremma in bici tra Sorano, Pitigliano e San Quirico

[1] Foto di Sailko, licenziato in base ai termini della licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo 3.0 Unported

Secluded corners for writers or readers.

Podere Santa Pia, situato in una valle particolarmente panoramico vanta un bellissimo giardino, con un sacco di angoli appartati per gli scrittori o lettori.

Podere Santa Pia, situated in a particularly scenic valley boasts a beautiful garden, with plenty of secluded corners for writers or readers.