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Crete Senesi

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Montagnola Senese

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Monte Amiata

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Ospedale Santa Maria della Scala



Val d'Elsa

          San Gimignano

Val d'orcia




          San Quirico d'Orcia


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Val di Chiana



Valle d'Ombrone








La Costa Toscana

Hot springs in Bagni San Filippo

Hot springs in Bagni San Filippo [1]

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Natural hot springs in Tuscany | The best free natural hot springs in southern Tuscany

Tuscany is a land of sulfur springs with ancient volcanoes, such as Monte Amiata, also rich in natural hot thermal springs that regenerate the body and mind. Discover our favorite wild hot springs and historic bath towns in Tuscany. 

A selection of open air natural hot springs

The most famous natural hot springs lie in the southern tip of Tuscany. Some of them are free and open, they are open to visit day and night, winter and summer. Saturnia, Bagno Vignoni, Bagno San Filippo and Bagni di Petriolo.






Fosso Bianco in Bagni San Filippo


Bagni San Filippo [1]

The hot springs of Bagni San Filippo are located on the eastern slope of the extinct volcano Monte Amiata , amid the beauty of the Val d’Orcia and the woods of the old vulcano. Bagni San Filippo is known as one of Tuscany’s most stunning spa towns, largely due to its magical setting and the Balena bianca, the 'White Whale' and its impressive calcium formation.

Bagni San Filippo, la Balena Bianca   Fosse Bianco, Bagni San Filippo   Bagni San Filippo

Bagni San Filippo, la Balena Bianca



Fosse Bianco, Bagni San Filippo


Bagni San Filippo, panorama



Bagno Vignoni, Parco dei Mulini


Parco naturale dei Mulini, Bagno Vignoni

Parco naturale dei Mulini, Bagno Vignoni [1]


Bagno Vignoni is only half an hour away from the the village Bagni san Filippo, and it has a similar pas. Bagno Vignoni has been known since Medieval times for its celebrated piazza d’acqua, its main central square has a pool filled with hot springs water.
It is very picturesque and unspoilt. The bath itself is not suitable for swimming, but you can still enjoy the benefits of the town's natural hot spring water, a hundred meters downhill at the Parco dei Mulini. It's well worth a visit as it's so unusual and unspoilt.

La vasca termale e il Palazzo Rossellino nella piazza di Bagno Vignoni   Bagno Vignoni - Installazione artistica di Carlo Pizzichini   BagnoVignoniGrotte
La vasca termale e il Palazzo Rossellino nella piazza di Bagno Vignoni



Bagno Vignoni, Piazza delle Sorgenti, con installazione artistica di Carlo Pizzichini



Bagno Vignoni, Parco dei Mulini


In addition to the whitewashed pools in the hills of the Parco naturale dei Mulini, the water from the springs of Bagno Vignoni is also used for the swimming pool of Hotel Posta Marcucci, a special place with a rich past. The history of the Marcucci family dates back to the mid-19th century when they ran a grocery store here in Bagno Vignoni, which also offered a postal service. In the 1950s, the current hotel structure was built on an old vineyard. The hotel has 35 rooms. But you don't have to be a hotel guest to use the swimming pool: you can buy a day pass for around € 15. From the unique bath of travertine stone, you have a breathtaking view over the Val d'Orcia while bathing in the healing waters.
The healing waters of these pools come from the ground at a temperature of 49 ° C. There are two swimming pools, surrounded by lawns and beautiful gardens where the trees provide plenty of shade. There are two baths. In the first of the two, the water stabilizes at a temperature between 35 and 38 ° C, in the second at a temperature between 28 and 32 ° C.





Tuscany, Saturnia, Cascate del Mulino in the early morning

Tuscany, Saturnia, Cascate del Mulino in the early morning




Saturnia, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy - panoramio   MancianoSaturniaPortaRomanaInside   Saturnia, Rocca



Porta Romana



Saturnia, Rocca


Cascata del Gorello, Manciano GR, Tuscany, Italy - panoramio (2)   Terme di Saturnia - Cascate del Mulino-0531   Terme di Saturnia - Cascate del Mulino-0491

Cascata del Gorello, Manciano. Terme libere a Saturnia



Saturnia, Cascate del Mulino



Saturnia, Cascate del Gorello, dettaglio

Bagni di Petriolo


BagniDiPetrioloTerme   BagniDiPetrioloTermeMuraFarma   Aqua Bagni di Petriolo, Monticiano

Le terme medievali e la soprastante chiesetta, entrambe di origine medievale



Bagni di Petriolo, Monticiano


Aqua Bagni di Petriolo, Monticiano


Colle Val d'Elsa, Le Caldane


Colle Val d'Elsa, Le Caldane   Caldane   Cascata del Diborrato

Colle Val d'Elsa, Le Caldane



Colle Val d'Elsa, Le Caldane



Cascata del Diborrato

Le Caldane are thermal water baths near Colle Val d’Elsa with hot water springs boasting therapeutic properties known since Etruscan-Roman times. The ancient spas are still used today by the local people who seek respite from the humid summer weather. The water that flows from the springs joins that of the Elsa river which is replenished right here in Colle Val d’Elsa [2]. The spas were partly destroyed by the sienese troops in 1260 and partially rebuilt in mid-400.


Le terme di Sorano costituiscono una serie di sorgenti termali situate a circa 3–4 km a sud di Sorano, nell'Area del Tufo. In epoche più recenti fu completamente abbandonato, andando incontro ad un lunghissimo periodo di degrado.
All'inizio del nuovo millennio, una serie di lavori ha portato al recupero e alla valorizzazione delle numerose sorgenti, oltre alla costruzione di un moderno stabilimento[3].



Bagno Vignoni | Hotel Posta Marcucci
Via Ara Urcea 43
53027 Bagno Vignoni
The pools are treated with great care. For this reason, every Thursday one of the two is closed for maintenance and cleaning.
Reservations are required and can be made by telephone on +39 0577 887 112 or by e-mail at

Terme di Sorano | Location Filetta - 58010 Sorano (GR) |


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