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Ruins of the Hermitage Eremo Lazzaretti, on Torre Giurisdavidica, on top of Monte Labbro (1193 m), Arcidossoo [1]


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Monte Labbro | Ruins of the Hermitage Eremo Lazzaretti, on Torre Giurisdavidica, on top of Monte Labbro (1193 m), Arcidosso

The prophet of Amiata David Lazzaretti was born in Arcidosso on 06 November 1834 and died there, killed by the carabinieri of Arcidosso, on 18 August 1878, while leading a great procession from his mountain hermitage in the name of God and social equality. [2]
The ruins of the Hermitage Eremo Lazzaretti and the Giurisdavidica Tower are testimonies of his life on Monte Labbro.
The tower was chosen by David Lazzaretti as the center of the Jurisdavidic community he founded. There are the ruins of the buildings erected between 1869 and 1875, in particular the circular tower, the hermitage and the church.


The end

'One last note on the epilogue. Barzellotti (1884) had already brought into the foreground the expectations of the group because of the failure of the prophecy to materialize.

Festinger (1956) has shown how a millenarist group survived the failure of a prophecy about the end of the world. Through the paradigm of the cognitive dissonance, the adepts sought an explanation which allowed them to remain anyway in the group, almost not wishing to renounce the established bonds or the secret expectations. In the case described by Festinger, the adepts concluded that the world had not ended because it had been saved by their faith.

But, on Mount Amiata, the affair took a different turn. For three days, David remained awaiting wonders and delayed the procession in a crescendo of tension. In the end, his followers waited for him to come down against the carabinieri and accept the "judgment of God."

But rumour has it here, and it is highly credible in my view, that David, after having predicted great and terrible things to happen on the morning of the 14th, when he would come down from Mount Labaro, and then postponed his descent day after day until on the 18th, he was finally obliged to make a move by his own people, who had become impatient, and that not all of them, perhaps, followed him simply for the innocent desire of being present at some wonder. On the one hand, verification of his prophecies, so expected, on the other hand, the risk to which he had to put his authority and his prestige, by presenting himself defenceless to the awestruck crowd and the carabinieri, who had barred his way, were a sort of judgment of God, to which Lazzaretti was subjected by his own followers."

Barz. 28.

David remained more and more the prisoner of his prophecy. He was pushed ahead by the expectations that he had raised. After a three-day-long wait, he could not postpone further the fulfilment of his prophecy and came down processionally to meet his fate.


Mappa Monte Labbro, Eremo Lazzaretti, sulla Torre Giurisdavidica| Ingrandire mappa


Galleria fotografica Monte Amiata

Galleria fotografica Monte Amiata e Monte Labbro



Monte Labbro      

Monte Labbro


      David Lazzaretti on the top of Monte Labbro
ArcidossoMonteLabbroEremoLazzaretti11   Arcidosso, Torre Giurisdavidica, Monte Labbro   Arcidosso, Monte Labbro, near the tower Torre Giurisdavidica, on top of Monte Labbro
Torre Giurisdavidica, Monte Labbro   Arcidosso, Torre Giurisdavidica, Monte Labbro  

Monte Labbro, near the tower Torre Giurisdavidica, on top of Monte Labbro


ArcidossoTorreGiurisdavidicaMonteLabbro8   Ruins of the Hermitage Eremo Lazzaretti, on Torre Giurisdavidica   ArcidossoMonteLabbroEremoLazzaretti02
Remains of the ruin of the tower Torre Giurisdavidica, on top of Monte Labbro  

Ruins of the Hermitage Eremo Lazzaretti, on Torre Giurisdavidica


  Torre Giurisdavidica, Monte Labbro



Placca Davide Lazzaretti   Arcidosso, targa david lazzaretti   Davide Lazzaretti

Placca Davide Lazzaretti



Targa sulla casa di Lazzaretti ad Arcidosso


  Davide Lazzaretti
Trekking Monte Amiata

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  Monte Amiata, seen from Pienza
Itineraries on Mount Amiata

Mappa degli Itinerari alla scoperta della Riserva Naturale di Poggio all'Olmo, tra Castiglioncello Bandini, Monticello Amiata e Stribugliano


Case vacanza in Toscana | Podere Santa Pia

Celebrare il dolce far niente
Podere Santa Pia      

Giardino Podere Santa Pia


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