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N L         E N G        D E U        I T        

Monte Amiata, the highest mountain in Southern Tuscany[1]


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Monte Amiata, the highest mountain in Southern Tuscany

Monte Amiata, often referred to as the "Mystic Mountain" of Tuscany, stands as a prominent and intriguing geological feature in the heart of this picturesque Italian region. Though classified as a dormant volcano, its presence is far from dormant in the cultural and natural heritage of Tuscany. Rising to an impressive height of 1,738 meters (5,702 feet), Monte Amiata is shrouded in legend and folklore, often associated with mystical and spiritual significance.

The mountain is a place where nature and history intersect seamlessly. Its slopes are blanketed with dense forests of beech and chestnut trees, creating a stunning and ever-changing backdrop throughout the seasons. Wanderers and hikers are drawn to its trails, which reveal hidden waterfalls, ancient chestnut groves, and serene lakes.

For centuries, Monte Amiata has been a source of inspiration for local folklore and a symbol of spiritual significance. The surrounding villages, with their stone buildings and cobblestone streets, offer a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Many believe that the mountain holds an aura of mysticism, making it a place of pilgrimage and contemplation.

From the summit of Monte Amiata, on clear days, one can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views that stretch to the Tyrrhenian Sea and the rolling hills of Tuscany, a reminder of the geological forces that shaped this land.

Whether you're seeking a hiking adventure, a connection to the region's spiritual past, or simply a serene escape into nature, Monte Amiata embodies the essence of Tuscany, offering a captivating blend of mysticism, natural beauty, and cultural richness.


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Monte Amiata

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Perched between the ancient splendor of Mount Amiata and the untamed allure of the Tuscan Maremma, our idyllic holiday house Podere Santa Pia beckons travelers to savor the harmonious fusion of history and wilderness in this captivating landscape.

«As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow over the rolling hills of Tuscany, the tranquil pool nestled amidst the vineyards and cypress trees became a mirror to the heavens... »


Podere Santa Pia

Podere Santa Pia, view from the garden
up to the sea


Podere Santa Pia, southern terrace

The pool, an azure jewel nestled amidst the verdant Tuscan hills, beckoned with its shimmering waters, a siren's call to cool serenity. It was a liquid oasis, where the reflections of swaying cypress trees and fluttering butterflies merged into a dance of light and shadow.


Early morning light at the private swimming pool at Podere Santa Pia   A bigger splash in swimming pool at Podere Santa Pia, southern Tuscany”/> </a></a></td>
    <td align=   A beautiful early evening by the pool, a natural jewel nestled amidst the verdant Tuscan hills

Early morning light at the private swimming pool at Podere Santa Pia


  A bigger splash in swimming pool at Podere Santa Pia, southern Tuscany  

A beautiful early evening by the pool, a natural jewel nestled amidst the verdant Tuscan hills



Trekking sul Monte Amiata | Sentieri per scoprire le meraviglie del Monte Amiata

Dal Prato delle macinaie alla vetta del Monte Amiata [LUNGHEZZA: circa 7 Km. DURATA: circa 2 ore e 1/2 ]

Da Abbadia San Salvatore a Piancastagnaio [LUNGHEZZA: 13 Km circa. DURATA: 3 ore 1/2 circa ]

[1] Fonte fotografica Larry Ferrante, gelicenseerd onder de Creative Commons-licentie Naamsvermelding 2.0 Unported licentie.




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