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         Walking along the Tuscan coast

Crete Senesi

Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore

         Walking in the Crete Senesi



Montagnola Senese

         Walking in the Montagnola senese


Monte Amiata





          Fonti di Siena



Val d'Elsa

          San Gimignano

Val d'orcia




          San Quirico d'Orcia


          Walking in the Val d'Orcia

Val di Chiana



Valle d'Ombrone








Walking in Tuscany

Abbazia di Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto, Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Asciano

N L              E N G

Abbazia di Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto, Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Asciano (SI), Toscana [1]

Toscana | Galleria di immagini  

Trekking in Toscana |  Montalcino - Buonconvento - Abbazia Monte Oliveto Maggiore


There are many things to do in Montalcino, a Tuscan town perched on a hill above the picturesque Val d’Orcia. Hiking in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site of the Val d'Orcia is a good choice, and several hikes start in Montalcino.
This itinerary starts at the Viale Piero Strozzi and the Chiesa della Madonna del Soccorso. A beautiful square behind the church offers some great views on the northern slopes of Montalcino, towards Siena. You can park your car on Parcheggio Viale Strozzi. Climb the stairs towards the Duomo and the piazza on Via Spagni. Nice views of the city, and the small gardens and vineyards of the citizens. Walk down the stairs (Costa Spagni) and enjoy a brief walk through the city, along the Piazza del Popolo, the main square of Montalcino, and leads you along the Via Giuseppe Mazzini. Turn right at Via Lapini and leave town through the Porta Burelli.

This hike takes you to an astoundingly attractive area, the Crete Senesi, and to some of the most beautiful valleys in southern Tuscany. You walk along strade bianche or 'white streets', dotted with silvery olive orchards, small villages, and vineyards.
This region is also the epitome of perfect wine country, boasting one of Italy's most famous appellations, Brunello di Montalcino. So a wine tour could be part of your pleasure. Several wineries along the track are open to visit and to taste their products.

The Strada bianca di Pieve a Salti leads from San Giovanni d'Asso to Buonconvento through the hills comprised between the rivers Ombrone and Asso. Along the way, you will find the località of Pieve a Salti. Lunch is possible here at Ristorante Podere Caprili (lunch: 12.30 - 14.00; dinner: 19.00 - 21.00 (open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, bridges and public holidays and summer period June-September).

We reach Pieve a Salti after about 3 hours. The farm or Fattoria Pieve a Salti is divided into two complexes: Borgo di Pieve a Salti, and at 1 km Podere Caprili, that hosts a restaurant.




 Montalcino - Buonconvento - Abbazia Monte Oliveto Maggiore

To continue, we follow the extraordinary white road of Pieve a Salti until a curve to the left, where we turn right (km 17,6) towards Chiusure and the abbey Monte Oliveto Maggiore.

Just before the village of Chiusure, wonderful views on the Crete Senesi and the abbey open up on your left.

Enjoy a lunch in Locanda Paradiso (Via Porta Senese 25) in Chiusure or Ristorante La Torre in Monte Oliveto Maggiore.
From Chiusure you continue to the abbey on asphalt road. When you reach the cemetery, turn left cutting a hairpin, and walk to the entrance of the Abbey and Ristorante La Torre, a good alternative for your lunch.
From here you continue on a long avenue lined with cypress trees until you reach the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, a large Benedictine monastery surrounded by cypress trees.

Do not miss the frescoes by Luca Signorelli and Sodoma in the cloisters.

You can divide this itinerary into two trails.

From Montalcino to Buonconvento | 16 km | 3 hours circa | gpx

Buonconvento - Abbazia Monte Oliveto Maggiore | 11.60 km | gpx



Download gpx tracks here

Lenghth: 27 km | 5,5 hours circa
Total climb 698 m
Total descent 940 m

Similar tracks | Hiking trails in the Arbia, Ombrone and Orcia valleys

Walking from Montalcino to San Quirico d'Orcia
| 13,07 km

Buonconvento - San-Quirico-d'Orcia | Via Francigena | 17 km

Siena - Ponte d'Arbia - Buonconvento | Via Francigena | 26 km - 5 km



Panorama of Buonconvento, Province of Siena   Buonconvento, Porta Senese   Crete Senesi Calanchi

Panorama of Buonconvento, Province of Siena


  Buonconvento, Porta Senese   Biancane nelle Crete Senesi vicino a Monte Oliveto Maggiore
Chiusure and the Campanile of Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto Maggiore   Monte Oliveto Maggiore   Monte oliveto maggiore, barbacane (1323-1526 restaurato nell'ottocento) 03

Chiusure and the Campanile of Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto Maggiore



Monte Oliveto Maggiore [2]

  Monte Oliveto Maggiore, barbacane (1323-1526 restaurato nell'ottocento)
Monte Oliveto 310   MonteOliveto372  
Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Campanil
Monte Oliveto Maggiore [1]  

Monte Oliveto Maggiore, church and belltower [1]

Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Campanile[3]

Chiostro grande del monastero di Monte Oliveto Maggiore


Album Il Sodoma


Paolo Monti - Servizio fotografico (Asciano, 1965) - BEIC 6328809        

Album Monastero di Monte Oliveto Maggiore





  Storie di s. benedetto, 01 sodoma - Come Benedetto lascia la casa paterna e recasi a studio a Roma 03   Storie di s. benedetto, 01 sodoma - Come Benedetto lascia la casa paterna e recasi a studio a Roma 04

Il Sodoma, Frescoes in the the Great Cloister, Abbazia, Monteoliveto Maggiore, Come Benedetto lascia la casa paterna e recasi a studio in Roma 


The wine estates outside the city are easy to visit and organize tastings and tours of the domain. It’s appropriate to make reservations for a tasting or a tour at most wineries, so contact them a few days in advance.
A map on which all wine growers are well indicated can be found here. A nice selection from the more than 220 winegrowers can be found here.

Montalcino | Torrenieri | Brunello di Montalcino wineries on the northern-east slopes of Montalcino



Osteria dei Briganti e dei Poeti

Osteria dei Briganti e dei Poeti
Strada Provinciale 137, 53024 Torrenieri
+39 329 604 6174
Website Facebook: www.facebook.comti 


Agriturismo Pieve a Salti

Agriturismo Pieve a Salti
Loc. Pieve a Salti
53022 Buonconvento (Siena)

Ristorante Podere Caprili
Pranzo: 12.30 - 14.00 (Aperto ogni venerdì, sabato, domenica, ponti e festività e periodo estivo giugno- settembre).
Cena: 19.00 - 21.00



Locanda Paradiso

Locanda Paradiso
Via Porta Senese 25, 53041 Chiusure, Asciano
+39 0577707117
Website Facebook: /

Ristorante La Torre

Ristorante La Torre
Localita' Monteoliveto Maggiore, 2, 53041 Asciano
+39 0577 707022


Madonna del Soccorso, Church in Montalcino, where our itinerary starts. The church was initially built at the site of the church of Porta al Corniolo, a chapel set against the walls of the town [2]


[1] Photo by Acer11, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported2.5 Generic2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.
[2] Photo by Liga Due, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International  license.

Music festivals in Tuscany | Music festival Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi

Annual music festival under the artistic direction of Philippe Herreweghe in the beautiful region of the Crete Senesi in Tuscany. Philippe Herreweghe lives in Chiusure.


Holiday accomodation in Tuscany

De mooiste vakantiehuizen in het zuiden van Toscane

Originally an 18th century agricultural workers dwelling home, Podere Santa Piais a beautiful stoneholidau house, only 2 km away from Castiglioncello Bandini. The main house is spacious, comfortable and well furnished and offers its guests a breathtaking view over the Maremma hills. The horizons are open and the look is lost in rural Tuscany, through beautiful vineyards, olive groves and the wild and untamed macchia mediterranea, a completely natural vegetation, wonderful for walking and exploring.

Case vacanza in Toscana | Podere Santa Pia


Podere Santa Pia


  Podere Santa Pia



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Podere Santa Pia, situated in a particularly scenic valley, which overlooks on the hills around Scansano, up to the Maremma seashore and Montecristo. Montecristo was immortalised by the novelist Alexandre Dumas as the location for a stash of buried treasures in his novel The Count Of Monte Cristo.