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Crete Senesi

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Le Crete Senesi

Montisi, panorama


Montisi, panorama [1]

Toacana ] Galleria di immagini  

Montisi, on the boundary between the Val d'Orcia and the Crete Senesi


Podere Santa Pia is a beautiful stone farmhouse in southern Tuscany. Located on the outskirts of Castiglioncello Bandini, in a hilly and unspoilt land, Podere Santa Pia is a former small cloister offering the quiet tranquility of a private retreat, with numerous attractions and beautiful nature reserves within easy reach. The most interesting artistic, historical and cultural sites of southern Tuscany are nearby, and are awaiting your discovery.

Montisi, in the Crete senesi

Montisi is situated on the boundary between the Val d'Orcia and the Crete Senesi, near Pienza and San Giovanni d'Asso. Since 2017 Montisi is part of the municipality of Montalcino, until then it was a frazione of San Giovanni d'Asso.


Montisi has ancient roots: in fact it arose in the Middle Ages on the site of an ancient Etruscan necropolis. In 1291, the Lord of Montisi Simon Cacciaconti degli Scialenga recaptured the village, destroying most homes and robbing all the farms. But when he died in 1295, left most of his possessions to the Spedale di Santa Maria della Scala, who built a grange. At the end of the 14th century, Montisi became an independent comune and so remained until 1777, when it became at the first a frazione of Trequanda, and, after various vicissitudes due to the water supply, of San Giovanni d'Asso. From January 2017, the municipalities of San Giovanni d'Asso and Montalcino were united into one comune.

Biancane or badlands in the Crete Senesi

The magnificent hills of the Crete Senesi offer endless views with evocative and suggestive landscapes. Typical conformations of the land are the badlands, the calanchi and biancane that give the landscape its characteristic gray color and a sometimes lunar appearance.

Hiking or biking in the Crete Senesi is another great way to to see this unusual landscape. We selected some of the best tracks here.



Mappa Montisi | Enlarge map


Trekking in the Crete senesi | Percorso di trekking Trequanda | Anello Montisi - Montelifrè

Just across the border of the Val d’Orcia, but still within the spectacular panoramic scenery of this World Heritage site, is the circular walk from Montisi to Montelifrè, an itinerary in the great scenery of the Crete Senesi. In addition to the visit of Montisi and it'sbeautiful historic center, there is the ruined Castle of Montelifrè and panoramic views of the Crete Senesi.

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Lenghth: 9,59 km, about 2 hours
Total climb 532 m
Total descent 532 m

This evocative itinerary starts and ends in Montisi and covers the hills of the Crete Senesi in the Municipality of Montalcino (until 2016 San Giovanni d'Asso was an independent comune) and offers spectacular views of the clay hills with colors and light changing from hour to hour, and from season to season.


Montelifrč, la strada d'accesso.jpg

Castello Montelifrè, entrance lane [1]


Galleria fotografica Montelifrè e Montalcino


Ruins of Montelifrč   Montelifrè al tramonto visto dalla strada per Montisi   Montelifrè al tramonto
Ruins of Montelifrè   Montelifrè  

Veduta al tramonto di Montelifrè, in provincia di Siena, dalla strada per Montisi


Galleria immagini Crete Senesi

Galleria d'immagini Crete Senesi

Collegiata di Sant'Agata Asciano   Cretesenesi panorama   Casa colonica Val d'Orcia Cassia.jpg

Crete Senesi (laghi tra Castello Leonina e Vescona, Crete Senesi, Asciano)


  Paesaggio tra le Crete senesi e la Val d'Orcia
Crete Senesi presso Asciano   Crete Senesi Biancane   Crete Senesi Calanchi

Crete Senesi presso Asciano


  Deserto di Accona   Biancane nelle Crete Senesi vicino a Monte Oliveto Maggiore

In summer months, the otherwise silent spaces of the Crete Senesi in southern Tuscany are filled with music, thanks to a number of fine festivals. Among them the Festival estivo di Accademia Chigiana, the Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi Festival and the Piccola Accademia di Montisi.

Music in Tuscny | Piccola Accademia di Montisi

Located in a hilltop medieval village in southern Tuscany, the Piccola Accademia di Montisi has been founded to provide a center of inspiration for musicians worldwide who have an interest in the harpsichord, its repertoire and its history.
The Piccola Accademia was founded in 2007 by Bruce Kennedy, harpsichord maker. The home of the Piccola Accademia is located in the 13th C. Castello di Montisi. The major part of the harpsichord collection is housed here for student practice. 

Kennedy Harpsichords l Website Bruce Kennedy

Kennedy Harpsichords is a small workshop in the nearby village of Castelmuzio, building harpsichords and clavichords after 17th and 18th Century historical models.

Piccola Accademia di Montisi

Viale della Rimembranza
Castelmuzio (SI) 53020, Italy

Bruce Kennedy, Executive Director

Bruce Kennedy Bio

Juilliard at the Piccola Accademia

Juilliard at the Piccola Accademia is a weeklong, full-scholarship, intensive summer chamber music program for period instrumentalists.

2019 | June 30 - July 6, 2019

For 2019, the workshop’s theme is the music of Telemann and the French style, with a focus on historical improvisation, rhetorical delivery, and the art of creating a vivid and persuasive performance.


Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi

Since 2017, the music festival Collegium Vocale Crete Senesi (formarly the Accademia delle Crete Senesi festival) is organized by Collegium Vocale Ghent. 

Website | | Program | Locations


The badlands of Tuscany| Calanchi e biancane | Un tesoro della natura

Het unieke landschap van de Crete Senesi`

Crete Senesi | Biancane nelle Crete Senesi


Trekking in Toscana | The Crete Senesi

Montalcino - Buonconvento - Abbazia Monte Oliveto Maggiore  | 27 km | 5,5 hours circa

Buonconvento - Abbazia Monte Oliveto Maggiore | 11.60 km

Anello Chiusure - Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Asciano | 5,64 km

Buonconvento - San-Quirico-d'Orcia | Via Francigena | 17 km

Siena - Ponte d'Arbia - Buonconvento | Via Francigena | 26 km - 5 hours

Corsano - Ponte d'Arbia | 19 km

From Montalcino to Buonconvento | 16 km | 3 hours circa

Trekking in Trequanda | Anello Trequanda – Petroio – Montisi – Montelifré  | 18 km - 3h 39m


Podere Santa Pia is a beautiful stone farmhouse only 2 km away from Castiglioncello Bandini. The main house is spacious, comfortable and well furnished and offers its guests a breathtaking view over the Maremma hills. Podere Santa Pia is surrounded by a backdrop of hills and macchia mediterranea: wild, untamed and completely natural vegetation, wonderful for walking and exploring on a variety of different terrain with fantastic views everywhere you turn.
Montisi and the Crete Senesi are located north of Podere Santa Pia. The suggestive road to Montisi goes along the abbey of Sant'Antimo, Montalcino and Sant'Anna in Camprena.

Traveling in Tuscany | Holiday homes in southern Tuscany | Podere Santa Pia





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[1]  Foto di LigaDue, licenziato in base ai termini della licenza  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.


Montisi, map